The 18.04.2008 is an historic day. Colliii.com is online in the 1st Beta Version. Doll collectors and artists alike from all over the world will now have the chance to take part in the Colliii Awards 2008

One year of preparation work has gone into this project, and that
iswhy we are especially proud and happy that today we can finally
goonline. And it is at this point that we would particularly thank
oursponsors who have helped this project to become a reality.

giants such as "Dollreader magazine in the USA, DiscoverDolls in the UK
and from the German publishing house "Dollami" themagazinesDolls Puppen
and Baby Puppen, have all promised their support andcooperation for the
Colliii Awards 2008. Producers Schildkröt and "RealEffect" have also
pledged their support and provided fantastic prizesfor the awards.

You can find out more about this and more in the Colliii Awards 2008 section.
the coming weeks and months, we will be providing more and
morefunctions and services through the Colliii platform. Apart from
thevoting, you can expect gripping stories and reports about
artisticdolls and reborn babies.

Have fun and enjoy!

Your Colliii.com team.