Top UK Reborner tells her storyTop UK Reborner tells her story

From film productions to theater its amazing to see where Reborns can go. Find out about that and the story of one of the UK´s top Reborners Nikki Thompson

We have taken the opportunity to bring to you an especially intersting story from the UK. As a relative newcomer to the Reborning world, Nikki Thompson has made waves in the doll scene in England and her star just keeps on rising. Read on and find out more about Nikkis Reborn Angels. Hi Nikki, it was nice to meet you at the Discover Dolls show in England this June where you were featured in the magazine. And from what we have seen things have really taken off since then!
But before we talk about that why dont you tell the world how you got into Reborning:

Nikki: Hi James thank you for this opportunity to tell your reader about my journey into reborning. I have been reborning for around 2 years I have always been very arty into every new fad out I love the way a painting or a model or in this case a reborn can bring so much joy to so many people i can honestly say reborning has made a great impact on my life, I have now become a self employed woman and this has given me a great deal of confidence I must admit without reborning I feel my life would be very incomplete as I have never wanted to work for someone else and this means I can do something I love as a job and a hobby which has brought alot of happiness into my life.

Colliii: How do you pick the kits that you Reborn for people?

Nikki: I tend to have a steady flow of custom orders so I don't very often get to choose what kit I use but when I do I tend to pick the very realistic kits like Noe and Cassandra to name a few Have you got any special kits that you like or artists whose work you particularly like?

Nikki: Noe without a doubt and I love to reborn Ashton Drake dolls At the show in Peterborough we saw your car how do people react when they see that?!

Nikki: I have brought another car since then it is a little bigger with all my 4 girls and a new step son to accommodate I need more seats it will also come in handy for transporting all the things I need for the doll shows I attend. The company I bought my number pate from did a feature on me as they found my job very interesting and a little strange . Having R33ORN as a number plate and the signs on the side and slogan on the back tends to get me noticed and has lead to many custom orders as I offer a 10% discount for customers that have contacted me from seeing my car. How do you create the custom orders that you make for people, do they give you the photos etc?

Nikki: I have done a lot of "Likeness" babies I love to do these as they mean so much to there new mum's. I also get lots of orders from people seeing my babies in my gallery on my website So you have got some big things planned for the future why dont you tell us about them!

Nikki: Well this year has been a great year for Nikkis Reborn Angels I have registered as self employed , and featured in 3 magazines plus I did a reborn Berenguer for a London film company that will be out end of this year. Recently I have also been commissioned to produce a baby for a London play called "Follow" by Dameon Garnett at the Finborough Theatre in Earl's Court, London. This will be a great opportunity for me as it come with amazing promotion and advertising so here's for a great 2009. plus I get to play VIP for the show on the opening night Thats great, how did you get those deals?!

Nikki: I have been very lucky my website this seems to attract my magazine and other offers and a steady flow of custom orders, I will be having a face lift on my website any day now as Sandy from so pop in and have a look as I have new babies all the time. What other things have you got planned for the future?

Nikki: Well this year and next holds a lot of exciting things for me. Im looking forward to a possible documentary and lots more beautiful babies not to mention the other london shows my babies will be featuring in. I will also be at the October Peterborough doll show to exhibit my babies and take custom orders for 2009 /2010 That all sounds very exciting Nikki! We are really happy for you that your business has taken off so well. We look forward to seeing you again soon, and wish you all the best until then!

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Nikki Thompson
Little Anne from Nikki
Ariella, asleep!
Baby Noe, Reborned as "Charlie"
Baby "Destiny"
Wide eyed Miguel
Noe again, Reborned as "Ruby"