Reborning tutorial DVD with Jayne Seddon on sale now!Reborning tutorial DVD with Jayne Seddon on sale now!

This DVD is packed with everything you need to know about the art of reborning baby dolls and has been created by Jayne Seddon of Tinkerbell Creations. Read on to see the trailer and find out more...

After more than 20 years painting and creating dolls for the collector market and 8 of those years reborning Jayne Seddon is bringing doll makers and newcomers a fantastic opportunity to learn the art of reborning.

This double disc DVD costs 49.99 GBP runs for almost 4 hours and shows some of the following reborning techniques:

* Neutralising different vinyls.

* Mixing paints to the right consistency.

* How to get the real baby skin mottling effect.

* Detailing the eyes and lips

* Detailing the hands and feet.

* Sealing the paints.

* How to bake your baby doll.

* Mapping the hairline.

* Rooting a boy or girl.

* Directional "Micro Rooting" with different needles.

* Rooting the back sides and top of the head.

* Rooting the fine baby hairs.

* Rooting the crown.

* How to weight your baby and what fillings to use to get that REAL BABY feel.

* Assembling your baby.

* Hints and tips:

* Inserting eyes in open eyed dolls.

* Removing spots of paint.

* Removing blue veins.

* Removing eyebrows.

* Rooting sleeping eyed lashes.

* Rooting open eyed lashes

Here is a trailer for the video and the DVD itself can be bought through this link