Reborn Doll course and workshop hosted by Dolls by SandieReborn Doll course and workshop hosted by Dolls by Sandie

Colliii Awards 2011 sponsor Dolls by Sandie hosted a 2 day Reborn workshop last weekend. Reborn instructors Lara Antonucci & Carmen Stone were on hand to teach the willing students. Would you like to know what they learned? Here are the highlights...

The doll course...
The doll course...

A total of 15 studends from 7 States in the USA came together for a 2 day Reborn doll making workshop with instructors Lara Antonucci & Carmen Stone.
The host of the workshop was Colliii Awards 2011 sponsor and jury member Sandie Unger.

The budding artists were provided with Nico and Bonnie Real Effect doll kits and were taught the following techniques:

* Realistic Newborn Skintones

* Mottling

* Blushing

* Veining

* Undertones

* Fine Detailing

* Hair Painting

* Micro-rooting

It wasn´t all about learning though as the group bonded well and enjoyed the refreshments provided by Sandie. All the artists took their babies home after the course to complete the rooting process.

The course was such a success that plans are underway to arrange another in the near future!

Were you at the course? Let us know what you liked about it in the forum discussion by clicking here.

The doll course...
..the artists hard at work!
They learned rooting...
...fine detailing...
...and more.
Lara Antonucci and Sandie Unger
The "Presents" for the artists
Lara Antonucci taught and
...Carmen Stone instructed.
It wasnt all hard work...
..and the results speak for themselves!