Meet Laura Eagles Colliii Award 2011 winning artistMeet Laura Eagles Colliii Award 2011 winning artist

The Canadian doll artist Laura Lee Eagles won the Colliii Award 2011 for Best Newborn OOAK. We met up with her for this exclusive interview. Find out who this unique artist really is!

Laura Lee Eagles
Laura Lee Eagles Congraultations Laura. Tell us a little about yourself.

Laura: My name is Laura~Lee Eagles and I have been with my husband since we were teenagers in high school and we were married at the ages 19 and 20 years old I have always been a stay home mom of 3 kids middle child being a very special needs child she requires me to be with her as I wouldn't of had it any other way ... so I have devoted all my years with her and with the support of my husband having his own business I was able to do so..I don't think I could of done anything else as she was my life's challenge and she made me what I am today... this I know .... I think she helped us all as much as we all helped her my oldest daughter is now going to collage to help children with special needs this will be her life long goal ...I am so proud of her I am a very proud and blessed mother and wife. What motivated you to take part in the Colliii Awards 2011?

Laura: The Collii Awards is a great on line doll contest and program to show off our work and challenge ourselves as well and with all the amazing creations and talented people out there that entered also wanted to give it a try .... All though I think the collii Awards are more for me now as I like to challenge my self...this was my second year participating in the Collii Awards last year 2 of my babies got nominated in the mini babies categories and special effects... so I wanted to challenged my self again this year and I am just so over the moon and still shocked I won best new born baby.... I am so very thankful for all the voters who took part in the Collii Awards and the Jury and all the work that goes into making/producing the Collii Awards and making it available to all us doll lovers around the world I think it helps keep us all in touch with this wonderful art! And challenges us all. What are you going to do with little Gracie Mae

Laura: I am currently looking in to making Gracie Mae in to a reborn kit LE. with 5 way joints or silicone LE. ....because she is made into one full sculpt at 20 inches long she made be difficult to do in ether way ..I may just keep her as a OOAK as well How long have been making dolls for and what got into interested in it?

Laura: I have been sculpting since Feb 2008..both my mother and mother -in-law are serious doll collectors and I wanted to buy them a baby doll after looking on ebay I was just so fascinated by all the OOAKS babies that I came across and figured I would try making them one each for Christmas...well they were far from perfect but they just adored them...I was hooked after that ...I did all my sculpting on my husband's pool table in our family room for a few years.... My sculpting and sewing stuff was overflowing every were I was in need for some space of my own so my sweet husband made me a beautiful studio in a unfinished part of the basement so now I now have my own space and I could not be more thankful for this...I have a very supporting husband he is my biggest critic and fan....No sculpt gets baked till he looks it over...Its so nice to have a extra set of eyes as sometimes you don't see the imperfections when your working on a sculpt all day. How long did it take you for Gracie Mae and what was her inspiration?

Laura: Gracie Mae took me over a month to work on she was my first full sculpt I ever made so it was all trial and error right down to figuring out how to put her all together and bake her she was a lot of work but I loved every minute of it ...As I just love a challenge and plan to make a full sculpted baby boy next...Gracie Mae inspiration for me was just the challenge to make a full body baby ...I watch many videos on just born babies and looked at a lot of newborn photos for references to capture the just born look..I hope I did that with Gracie Mae. What is your motivation for sculpting? Is it a nice hobby or does it go deeper?

Laura: Defiantly deeper ...I wake up every weekday morning eager to get down to my studio and get to my sculpting and creating or sewing one of a kind layettes that I love to make for my babies . To me there is nothing more rewarding then to capture the innocents of a baby and I really do strive to make each one better... Its something I crave to do every time I finish one baby I can not wait to start the next...So I see sculpting being something I need to do as a creative outlet I don't think I would be happy if I wasn't doing something creative everyday Where can people buy your work? Do you go to shows?

Laura: I have a website ( where I offer OOAKs for sale and also like to share my work and progress photos...As well as Facebook and doll forums to ....I have done one doll show at the IDEX last year 2011 and will be attending the upcoming doll show in North Carolina this June 2012.... I just love to do the Doll shows as you get to meet so many wonderful and talented people who share the same interest as you as well ...My husband goes with me he is my travelling companion and he takes a big part in helping me in every way. What plans have you got for the coming year?

Laura: Hmmm....Sculpting and more sculpting...Well I am currently working on twin preemie baby Girls and also finishing painting and making layettes for all my LE.silicone baby Cricket's and getting ready for the doll show in June. I plan on making another reborn kit and full sculpted baby boy for next year.

Laura Lee Eagles
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Colliii Award winner Gracie Mae
Colliii Award winner Gracie Mae
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