Meet Jury member Evon NatherMeet Jury member Evon Nather

Find out what Colliii Awards jury member Evon Nather will be looking for when judging your dolls! Read on in this exclusive Colliii Awards interview! As a new jury member for the Reborns section, what kind of things will you be looking out for?

Evon: Realism... Innovation (new ideas)... Balance... and of course, convincing details. The competition is very international. Can you tell where the artist comes from by the kind of doll they make?

Evon: No, not usually. Often, if I guess an artists' nationality, it's because I have seen her work before. Which do you prefer, painted or rooted hair?

Evon: I like both. I think the determining factor is the artists skill. A well painted, convincing head on a newborn is just as brilliant to a well rooted head of hair on an older baby or toddler. I like the way hair "feels" when holding a baby, but I also find that I am a perfectionist in the sense that I don't like it when the hair is out of place... and painted hair is never out of place or messy, LOL! What are you looking forward to seeing in this years competition?

Evon: I am looking forward to seeing variety! I love how I can move from one picture of a doll to the next and think... "perfect"... then, the next.... "Oh, perfect"... then... "oh my goodness, they are all so different, and yet they each are perfect"! That is what art is about ...variety!
If we all were like the rest, our dolls wouldn't stand out, and wouldn't have the value they have now. Trying to be like another artist is a good start for most, but sooner or later, the artists take on their own unique style and definition with their work.
This is what truly makes a reborn doll a one of a kind, beautiful piece of art.

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