Meet Colliii Awards winning artist Gabriella SteinerMeet Colliii Awards winning artist Gabriella Steiner

In this exclusive interview we introduce you too Colliii Award 2010 winner Gabriella Steiner. Her doll "Bella" was nominated and won the prize for "Best Reborn Toddler 2010". Read on to find out more....

Doll artist Gabriella Steiner
Doll artist Gabriella Steiner

Colliii: Hello Gabriella. First of all congratulations on your award! Why don´´t you introduce yourself.

Gabriella Steiner: Thank you! I was born in Budapest (Hungary) in 1973 and I came to Canton in Switzerland when I was 7. I am happily married for the past 10 years and and I live with my husband and our 2 sons (9 and 2) in the countryside outside Zurich.

Colliii: How long have you been active making reborn dolls for?

Gabriella Steiner: Actually not that long, just since May 2009. I took my first course by fellow Colliii Award winner Corinne Käufler. Her course was wonderful and that was the jump off point for me to really get into Reborning my own dolls and from that point on I haven´t stopped.

Colliii: What is it about Reborning that attracts you the most?

Gabriella Steiner:
Reborning has fulfilled a childhood dream of mine. As a child I always wanted dolls that were as realistic as possible. Most of the dolls on offer were hard or not painted realisitically. To have a doll like that, and to be able to make it yourself is a wonderfull feeling.

Colliii: What do you do in your free time, other than Reborn dolls?

Gabriella Steiner: I have recently bought a half finished dolls house which I am renovating. Its so much fun to redo the whole house and make it look as realistic as possible.

Colliii: Where can doll collectors find your dolls?

Gabriella Steiner:
Due to time restrictions I can´t make it to a lot of the shows the many people go to, but you can always find things on my website which is I have a gallery with pictures of babies that I have done in the past and also of the ones that are available. Thanks for your time Gabriella, it was a pleasure to find out more about you and your art. Hopefully we will see you again in the Colliii Awards 2011!


Doll artist Gabriella Steiner
Baby Bella.... toddler Reborn 2010..
Looks like she didnt expect that!
Gabriella works on other babies...
like sleepy Lilly....
... or sleeping Ivory