Meet Colliii Award winner and jury member Ruth AnnetteMeet Colliii Award winner and jury member Ruth Annette

In this exclusive interview Simply Reborns Ruth Annette talks about winning "Best Toddler Doll Kit 2010", which were her favourite dolls in the competition and what she has planned for 2011. Read on to find out more....

Bonnie by Maribel Villanova...
Bonnie by Maribel Villanova... Congratulations on winning the "Best Toddler Doll Kit 2010". Last year you won "Best Large Size Doll Kit" with the kit Mark, did that make you confident for this year?

Ruth: I don't think confidence is the right word, probably enthusiastic would fit better. Maribel is such a fantastic Artist and I feel very honored to be able to work so closely with her.
Producing doll kits can be a very testing and time consuming business, and having the recognition from the general public does make a huge difference.
The Colliii awards truly offers an unbiased public opinion and that is why I love these awards so much. The doll that won was originally sculpted by Maribel Villanova who has had several kits produced by Simply Reborn, is Bonnie a best seller for you?

Ruth: Bonnie was a record seller, yes. I get requests on a daily basis for this long sold out kit, but Fans of Bonnie and Bella need to stay tuned as we have another exciting Villanova Duo planned for release soon! As a jury member for OOAK dolls, what can you say about the dolls that were entered this year?

Ruth: The overall quality of the dolls was simply outstanding, it was such a difficult job being on the Jury. It was also nice to see the quantity of OOAK's which entered, not only in the baby category, but also the Fantasy dolls and fairies. There has always been a slight stigma attached to the "Baby Dolls" like the OOAK's and Reborns, but with the help of Organizations such as Colliii, hopefully we can bridge some of those gaps and bring the Doll market back as "one" What do you think about the winning dolls, do you have a particular favorite?

Ruth: I have to say, I loved Tina Kewy's baby. Having worked closely with Tina on kits I know her babies have a realism which is rarely found in this industry, her babies are not "pretty" they are anatomically correct and bring a real sense of realism to the OOAK and kit market.
I think all the winners and Nominee's totally deserved their places. I also liked several of the other OOAK's which were not placed in the winning category, one baby in particular stood out for me, that was "Lil Sissy by Sheri Williams" this baby is now in Kit Production and will be released as a "Colliii Nominee" kit later in 2011. This year we expanded the categories to include some humans and some fantasy dolls. Would you like to see any other categories included for 2011?

Ruth: I would like to see a Category for actual "Preemie" babies, babies sculpted to scale of a baby with a gestation less than 36 weeks. Many "Small" doll kits are labelled as Preemie, however a baby born early has a very distinctive and unique look. I think if the categories were dived to Preemie, Small, Newborn, Infant and Toddler it would give a better understanding.
I do also feel that when voting the public need to be able to click on a particular category and vote for those dolls, so each category would be clearly separated. It was very difficult to distinguish some of the Reborns from kits, and OOAKs. What things have you got planned for 2011?  

Ruth: I have so much planned for 2011. As far as my Artistry is concerned, I will be sculpting much more in 2011 and will be offering my OOAK dolls to Other Companies for Production, I will also be releasing Tyler and Preston, two new doll kits sculpted to Preemie Scale and being offered in a Signature Artist Edition of just 10 finished dolls.

I will be releasing two new "Bonnie and Bella" size doll kits from Maribel, these will be Called "Billy & Bobbie" they are due for release in time for the Discover Dolls show in June. I also have kits in Production from Tina Kewy, Sheri Williams, Sabine Hansen & Dee Stasny. I think 2011 will be a very exciting time for everyone in this wonderful Industry. Thanks for all your help Ruth.

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Bonnie by Maribel Villanova...
...produced with keen attention to detail!
As was "Mark" the 2009 winner of...
...the Colliii Awards!
Best selling Bonnie...
...was produced in Germany...
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