Meet Colliii Award 2011 winner Carrey SimonsMeet Colliii Award 2011 winner Carrey Simons

The Australian doll artist won her Colliii Award 2011 for the Fantasy Reborn Mayuri. Find out more about this talented artist and her unique work in this exclusive interview...

Carrey Simons...
Carrey Simons... Congratulations on your Colliii Award for Best Fantasy Reborn 2011. How did you react upon finding out you won?

Carrey: Thanks so much!! I was absolutely stoked, being nominated was amazing, but to actually win was just fantastic. It has totally made my year, and is such an amazing reward for all the hours of work! Where have you put your Colliii Award?

Carrey: My Colliii has only been here for a few days, so has been moving everyday... each time it is admired and picked up it finds a new place to look pretty haha! I’m pretty sure it will end up in my doll studio that is in the midst of being built How has the response been to your achievement?

Carrey: I have had so many emails and messages congratulating me, I was really surprised at the fuss made actually! My family are especially proud because they know the amount of work I’ve put in You also work producing decorative acrylic mirrors. Tell us a little about that!

Carrey: Haha! Have you been snooping!? Our Mirrors are sold throughout Australia, and we are based in Southbank, Brisbane - its a great little business and keeps us busy. I love doing anything creative, and that includes anything that involves computers and design, so being able to work from home and do a mixture of things - babies, mirrors, photography, and most importantly, being a Mum - is just wonderful.

Colliii: There is talk that you help create a different type of 'babies' - can you tell us more about that?

Carrey: Sure I can! I am currently in the middle of my third round of egg donation here on the Gold Coast. We lost our first baby just short of 20 weeks, which is actually another one of the reasons I first became interested in reborns - but it also allowed me an insight into the rough world of fertility issues. I always promised myself that if we managed to have our own family, I would one day give back. What better way of giving back than helping someone else have their own family

Colliii: Is there anyone in particular who has helped you along the way that you would like to mention?

Carrey: There are a few actually, obviously my gorgeous husband, who takes total control of the household when I get wrapped up in my painting! Id like to say a huge thank you to Kate Sutherland of Tear Drop Nursery, when I first became interested in reborning Kate taught me how to paint, so without her I wouldnt be where I am today. Justine Edwards who created Front Porch babies was my rock at times, and really helped me to push my reborning into the world, as well as being a wonderful friend. And lastly, I wanted to shout out to Juliette Bland from April Showers Baby Boutique & Nursery, who made the outfit Mayuri was wearing, as well as other outfits for my Avatars. She creates beautiful items!

Colliii: Do you have a facebook page where we can keep on eye on your future creations?

Carrey: Yes I do indeed! Please head to!/pages/Angel-Orphanage/155252417820821 and *LIKE* my page!!!!

Carrey Simons...
...Colliii Award winner...
Mayuri by Carrey Simons...
...Best Fantasy Reborn.. the Colliii Awards 2011
Carreys presentation is as unique... her art!
Its not all fantasy though...
...she also does beautiful babies!
As well as other exotic Reborn dolls... Meena who is now on sale!