First OOAK Nominees onlineFirst OOAK Nominees online

The online voting for the Colliii Awards 2013 has presented the following 24 OOAK dolls.

Here are the first 24 nominees voted for by the public online voting for the OOAK category.

The jury will view ALL dolls again and there is the possibility that further dolls will receive a post nomination, thus standing a chance of winning one of the Colliii Awards!

Subcategory 1
Laura Lee Eagles: Quinlynn      
Tina Kewy: David      
Alicia Toner: Cassie      

Subcategory 2        
Christa Götzen: Casper      
Laura Lee Eagles: Baby Everleigh      
Tina Kewy: Evan      

Subcategory 3          
Karola Wegerich: Fridolin      
Anna Maria Castagnetti: Tiziana      
Sherri Williams: Yummy in my tummy      

Subcategory 4          
Riccardo Ferrante: Irony of life      
Lori Platt: Father Yule      
Judy Porter: Jenny      

Subcategory 5          
Ina Orgus: Aslan      
Ina Orgus: Alisha      
Lori Platt: Cricket      

Subcategory 6         
Eva Brilli: Yawn      
Мария Горячева: Galechka           
Silvana Regel Devai: Precious in red           

Subcategory 7          
Corinne Kaeufeler: Goth Alice      
Elisa Fenoglio: The Tudors      
Elisa Fenoglio: Welcome Aurora      

Subcategory 8         
Alessandra Nicolin: Virgin      
Fabrizio Corbo: Goldfish Mermaid      
Elisa Fenoglio: The greedy summer fairy     


Alisha by Ina Orgus
Arslan by Ina Orgus
Baby Everleigh by Laura Lee Eagles
Casper by Christa Götzen
Cassie by Alicia Toner
Cricket by Lori Platt
David by Tina Kewy
Evan by Tina Kewy
Father Yule by Lori Platt
Fridolin by Karola Wegerich
Galetchka by Мария Горячева
Goldfish Mermaid by Fabrizio Corbo
Goth Alice by Corinne Kaeufeler
Greedy Summer Fairy by Elisa Fenoglio
Irony of life by Riccardo Ferrante
Jenny by Judy D. Porter
Precious in red by Silvana Regel Devai
Quinlynn by Laura Lee Eagles
The Tudors by Elisa Fenoglio
Tiziana by Anna Maria Castagnetti
Virgin by Alessandra Nicolin
Welcome Aurora by Elisa Fenoglio
Yawn by Eva Brilli
Yummy in my tummy by Sherri Williams