First Ervera qualified rebornerFirst Ervera qualified reborner

The guild Evera e.V. for Reborns and artists has qualified the first artists.

Rosi with her certificate
Rosi with her certificate

A Reborn guild has set standards for Reborn quality. Within a large forum, 4 Reborners got together for this certificate that inlcuded the 10 entered dolls

The jury was made up of members of the guild, and they measured the smallest details of the babies to ensure for high quality.

Only one reborner made the grade and passed through all the stringent qualifications.

So that was a reason for Colliii to speak to her: Hello Rosi!
Hello. We have just seen on the website of Ervera e.V. that you have recieved your certification, how do you feel?
Rosi: Well its a great succes for me but it was a lot of work. How long have you been reborning?
Rosi: Since the end of 2005. I did a course with some porcellan doll makers, we did an Elly Knoops doll. But you cant call it real reborning, more just rouging and putting on a wig! How did you progress then?!
Rosi: Hmm. I did a lot of telephone research and played around with xxxx  paints (paintname removed by Colliii Team), but that did make it for me either! Why, did you not like the paint, or was it your telephone research?
Rosi: The problem was I had no real idea what a real reborn was or should look like. The paints made my life dificult as after a few months they looked different. But this paint is used by lots of top Reborners.
Rosi: Well in my experience the dolls faded depending on the vinyl. I made one doll for my mother,who is a real doll collector. She didnt even notice, but the doll faded a lot within 2 years, however I managed to re-paint again. And what do you paint with today?
Rosi: I use the special reborn paints from xxxxx (paintname removed by Colliii Team). I was a bit cautious at first, but I went to a special seminar with Petra Seiffert and Nicole Middendorf, and it was there that I saw how good you can make a Reborn loo, it formed the basis of the work I do today. Obvioulsy I have developed my own style, but I am still looking forward to the next seminar How does your personal life fit in around Reborning, have you got kids?
Rosi: Yes 3, 2 boys and a girl, but they are already grown up. So do they support you?
Rosi: Well they arent real doll fans, thats more my mum and my niece. But they give their opinions and that helps a lot too. So your niece is a fan too?
Rosi: Yes, she is only 2 but she is a doll fan already LOL! So from 4 reborners yuo were awarded the certifiacte, why not the other 3?
Rosi: There were just small differences, it wasnt really much, but the overall impression they gave wasnt as realsitic. I heard the eyes were not straight and that the filling rattled etc. So now you have to get in on the Colliii Awards!
Rosi: I might register model (xxx) or (xxx) How long have I got for the photos. Still around 2 months 27.07. is the end of the registration and by the 15.08. we have to have all the phots online.
Rosi: Ok, I think I an make that. So we would like to thank you again for your interview and congratultations on the award!
Rosi: And all the best for your new portal! Rosis Internetseite:

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Rosi with her certificate