Elisa Gallea displays her latest dollsElisa Gallea displays her latest dolls

The Italian artist Elisa Gallea is travelling to the Doll Time convention in St Petersburg (Russia). Before she left we met up for this short report to show you what she will be presenting in Russia.

Colliii.com: Hello Elisa. Congratulations on taking part in the such an international show. Why don´t you tell us a little about the convention?!

Elisa: Hi, thanks! The "Doll Time" show is a very large artistic doll and teddy show. It runs from the 11th until the 14th of June and this is the 3rd time that the show is in the Exhibition hall of the Saint-Petersburg Artists Union. Lots and lots of artists from around the world are going, for example Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Holland, Canada, Estonia and Japan (to name a few!)

Colliii.com: What dolls will you be presenting?

Elisa: Two large ones, "I wanna be Pretty" and "Theatre", both of which are 55 cm high, and then the smaller 30cm dolls "Vanilla and Cinnamon". They are quite elegant and dreamy little dancing girls. Thats is the theme that I have been working on for the show. "I wanna be pretty" is a little poser really. She is the kind of girl that loves to preene herself and make herself pretty. "Theater" is a romantic figure and a more delicate type. "

Colliii.com: How did you create them?

Elisa: They are "One of a kind" doll. I made them by hand and I didn´t use any mould for them, i just sculpted them using a sculpting clay. The heads are of sculpting clay, as well as most of the limbs and parts of the body. The rest of the body is a cloth body which holds everything together. I have used glass eyes and real hair, apart from on Cinnamon which has Mohair.

Colliii.com: Your dolls often have special accessories...

Elisa: The dress I made for "I wanna be pretty" is made from silk and satin and the shoes are made of leather. The other costumes are also made of quality materials too. "I wanna be pretty" also has a vintage silver hair brush in her hand, and "Theater" has an antique fan in her hand. I love giving my creations little extras I like that, it makes them special!

Colliii.com: Did you make these dolls especially for the show?

Elisa: Yes.

Colliii.com: What are you expectations like going into the show?

Elisa: Its not the first time that I have had my dolls at shows in Russia. In the last two years I have had my doll at several shows, especially in Moscow and St Petersburg. I have never been there myself, so I am looking forward to meeting many other artists and also doll collectors. I hope that the collectors like my dolls and that my taste appeals to their demands. It will also be very interesting to see the other dolls, especially the Russian artists work, which is often a lot different to mine. They are normally not as realistic but a lot use a lot more fantasy aspects and are a lot more colourfull. Maybe I can pick up a few ideas for my own work!

Colliii.com: Thanks Elisa, its always a pleasure chatting with you. We wish you all the best for the convention and a wonderful trip to St Petersburg!

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"I wanna be pretty"
"Vanilla" and "Cinnamon"
"Vanilla" and "Cinnamon"