Colliii Awards Guessing GameColliii Awards Guessing Game

How many registrations will there be this year for the Colliii Awards. If you think you can guess, send us an email with your number in the "Subject" and win a prize!

Have a look on the website and see how many registrations came in for the Colliii Awards over the past 5 years (have a look in the Colliii Awards news section click here).

Send us an email to and tell us how many registrations you think there will be this year in the "Email Subject" for example if you think there will be the same as year (403) put 403 in the email subject etc.

If you guess correctly your name will be published in a little story on the front page of the website and you will also win a free English lesson via Skype with Colliii Awards sponsor IE-Academy which you can use yourself or give to a friend

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