Colliii Awards 2013: Online voting completedColliii Awards 2013: Online voting completed

The first stage of the Colliii Awards 2013 voting is now over and the nominated dolls will be presented on the website within the next week. Read on to find out more...


After the nominated dolls are presented they will be shown to the jury members for their to debate and cast their votes on the dolls the public have nominated. The peoples choice prize will be awarded to the dolls in each category that have the most votes, the rest of the prizes will be awarded by the jury.

The jury can post nominate dolls for their category so if you haven´t been nominated yet, don´t worry you might still be!


Everybody that has voted stands the chance of winning a prize donated by the sponsors. These prizes will again be awarded at random and the winners will be announced next week. Check the website for more details, you never know it could be you!

Would you like to have your new dolls presented on for the world to see? If you have exciting pieces of news, new products or doll shows you would like to promote then send us an email to

We are sure you are all looking forward to the exciting next stage of the Colliii Awards 2013.

Keep checking the website for updates and remember there is still much to look forward to at your Colliii Awards 2013!