Catch up with Reborn artist Evon Nather (inc Video!)Catch up with Reborn artist Evon Nather (inc Video!)

In this exclusive interview you can not only read about Evon Nather and her amazing prototypes of the upcoming Bonnie Brown kits from Real Effect, but Evon also has a video message for all of you!
Dont miss this one of a kind interview with this top artist!

Evon Nather
Evon Nather Hi Evon, how has this year been for you so far?

Evon: This year has been particularly rewarding for me. I graduated college in December, and started working as an RN (Registered Nurse) at a nearby hospital in May. Being a Nurse has been a life-long dream for me, and with the support of my family I was able to achieve my goals.
Also, in June I attended my first doll show (The Down East Doll Show) - it was and incredible experience, what a delight to meet so many artists and collectors! At the doll show, I taught a class on painted hair, and I was delighted to be so well received by my students, and I am pleased with all the positive feedback I have received about my class. Have you been busy?

Evon: Oh certainly! Between work, family and dolls I am ALWAYS busy... but of the happy sort. Smile How many prototypes do you do in a year?

Evon: Ya'know, I don't keep track. I am honored to have been asked to reborn prototypes by such an incredibly talented group of sculptors, such as Denise Pratt of Bountiful Baby, Marita Winters, Bonnie Brown, Jorja Pigott, Laura Lee Eagles, Shawna Clymer, Cindy Musgrove, & Toby Morgan. What do you like about be asked to do proto-types?

Evon: I like being among the first to make an impression (artistically) with a new kit, and I am always thrilled to be asked! What did you like about the 2 kits "Buttercup" and "Poppy"?


Evon: 1. Their size (I especially adore preemies).

2. Their hands and feet! CLASSIC... ADORABLE... LOVEABLE... Bonnie Brown style! I love the detailed expressions & movement she is able to sculpt into her babies. Were you happy that they went for the auction price that they went for?

Evon: I'm always happy when my babies find a loving home, regardless of price... I let the bidders determine the ending value of my dolls. My Dad used to always say "Something is only worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it", and I agree. Smile Why did you decide to do them together? Do you think they complement each other?

Evon: They definitely compliment each other. As far as listing them on eBay - I didn't want to create problems with a bidder that would want them both - trying to bid against someone that only wanted one. That could cause the bidder that wanted them both to end up paying too much, just for the sake of keeping them together. Have you noticed a difference in this years Reborn market?

Evon: It's always been up and down for me... I rarely can suspect a top sale... or a low sale on eBay. If someone EVER figures that one out, PLEASE... let me in on that info! LOL! Smile Thanks for your time Evon and your video message!
The new Bonnie Brown kits Buttercup and Poppy will be available in Autumn 2012 with open eyed Buttercup coming out in September!

Evon Nather
Buttercup by Bonnie Brown
Daisy by Bonnie Brown
The twins
As beautiful as they are...