Annie by Karola Wegerich and Real Effect is now on sale at Nicky CreationAnnie by Karola Wegerich and Real Effect is now on sale at Nicky Creation

The first ever totally limited doll kit is from Real Effect is now available. What ever you do, dont miss little Annie from Karola Wegerich!

Prototyp from Beatrix Schröder.
Prototyp from Beatrix Schröder.

The proto-type pictures have been displayed and applauded for some time in various ways on the internet, and also at the famous Sonneberg dolls show in Germany.

And now, at last, the time has come for the Reborners around the world to have the chance of a lifetime, the chance to get one of the limited production Annie from Karola Wegerich doll kits.

The doll kit is limited worldwide to 666 units, and the first 100 units will come as always with a Real Effect certificate and with/without a body. If you live within the EU, yours will also come in a gift box for presentation.

Click here to order Annie now

We wish you all hours of fun with little Annie.

PS, the Colliii Awards registrations will begin from the 1st of July!

Prototyp from Beatrix Schröder.
From Jacqueline Kramer.
And from Stacey Haskins