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Dolls Magazine (USA)

The industry's No. 1 collectible doll resource, with all the latest news and information about all types of dolls and dollmakers.
Every Colliii Award voter and entrant will receive a code for a free one-year subscription to DOLLS digital magazine.
DOLLS will also be covering the Colliii Awards with editorial articles, advertisements, videos and more.


Pretty Toys (Russia)

Pretty Toys is a young magazine which started in the market in Russia in 2009 and later it was introduced in US, Latin America and Asia.

Pretty Toys Magazine is a bimonthly digital magazine published in 3 languages, English, Russian and Spanish.



Q Bonecas (Brazil)

QBonecas Magazine is the first and unique Brazilian magazine about the lifelike doll art, it is bilingual (Portuguese/ English) and bimonthly ( 6 editions per year).


Schildkröt (Germany)

Schildkröt is one of the most well known producers worldwide of artistic and play dolls. They are true collector items and trade in auctions for exorbitant prices.
We are very happy that Mr Stephan Biemann the director of Schildkröt will be donating 3 original Schildkröt dolls as prizes for the online voting of the Colliii Awards.






La Bacchetta Magica Bambole (Italy)

(Translation: The dolls magic wand). We are happy this year to have Italys largest doll magazine as a sponsor for the competition. The magazine covers all aspects of the doll world from One of a kind dolls, to vinyl dolls, to paper and cloth dolls.

Real Effect (Germany)

"Real Effect has set a milestone for the Reborn world in the last 2 years" (Quote from Doll Reader magazine) After over 30 courses in Europe alone, Real Effect is one of the leading course providers for the Reborn scene. All artists and teachers from Real Effect will be supporting the Colliii Awards. As well as that, Real Effect artists Petra Seiffert and Evelina Wosnjuk have agreed to be on the Jury.

Real Effect will also be donating doll kits as prizes for the online voting of the Colliii Awards.



Dolls by Sandie (USA)

Dolls by Sandie is one of the best known retailers of dolls and doll making products in the USA and also has a huge customer base across the world.
Owner and founder Sandie Unger will also continue to be a valuable member of the jury for the competition.


Nicky Creation (Germany)

German doll suppliers Nicky Creation are one of the largest suppliers of doll making materials in Europe with a huge selection of doll kits, paints and other products needed to make high quality dolls.


IE Academy (Spain)

The IE Academy offers online English courses for private and professional people all over the world. Live lessons 1:1 with Cambridge qualified English teachers using Skype. Register free and get a free level test.




Bebaby (Italy)

Italys leading doll kit and supplies retailer. A newcomer to the Colliii Awards and a valued partner. The addition of a sponsor in Italy will help to aquire more top artists from the region.



CORA -the 1st and only college of reborn artistry that provides a drama free forum, yearly conferences, and free classes on line . Students collect required class crests to graduate and receive their diploma in Reborn Artistry