Reborn, Reallife, Real Effect Reborn, Reallife, Real Effect

The following are the rules to be observed for the above catergory as well as the General Rules:

  1. Each doll needs to have at least 5 and maximum 10 photos on the voting platform. These photos must be of a high quality as they may be used later for editorials and various articles. 
    Photos of details and special features are good but not needed.
  2. Through the registration for the competition, the owner of the rights for the doll,  allows and all affilitated companies to display their work.
  3. The 24 dolls that are voted for as the best in this catergory will automatically be entered for the finals. In addition to this the jury can select a further 6 dolls if they wish. See the timeline for more details about when the selected dolls will be announced.   
  4. Each artist can enter a maximum of 3 Reborn dolls.
  5. Dolls that have previously been displayed are allowed to enter the competition, which is a change from the 2008 Colliii Awards, not however dolls that have already taken part in the Colliii Awards. Please refrain from promoting dolls that are in the competition either in a forum, or by any other means of communication as this might manipulate the voting. Any dolls where this is the case will be disqualified.

All dolls made from vinyl kits or dolls that are made up of vinyl parts of another doll can enter. The above mentioned dolls will be judged on the following and the following prizes will be given:

Cat 2) Reborn, Newborn, Reallife

Dolls that are made from vinyl kits can be registered, in other words vinyl dolls made from play dolls and artistic dolls. These include the following sub catergories: 

  1. Reborn Preemie: A reborned version of a Preemie doll kit.
  2. Reborn Baby: A reborned version of a baby aged up to 6 months
  3. Reborn Toddler: A reborned version of a toddler aged 6 months-24 months.
  4. Fantasy Reborn: A reborn created in a fantasy style. This can include reborn kits of apes as well as presentations of reborn dolls in a fantasy setting (such as angels,elfs etc)
  5. Rooting: Hand rooted hair with a realistic growth direction from either animal or human hair (eg Mohair).
  6. Painting: 2. Painting - Hand painted dolls. Attention to diverse details such as veins and skin.
  7. Presentation: Overall impression, clothing, weight and originality of the presentation.
  8. Special Effects: Rooted eyebrows, one-hair-rooting, birth marks etc.

Awards or prizes for these categories will be the following:

  • Best Reborn Overall 2013 (Peoples Choice)
  • Best Reborn Preemie 2013 (Jury Award)
  • Best Reborn Baby 2013 (Jury Award)
  • Best Reborn Toddler 2013 (Jury Award)
  • Best Fantasy Reborn 2013 (Jury Award)
  • Best Rooting 2013 (Jury Award)
  • Best Painting 2013 (Jury Award)
  • Best Presentation 2013 (Jury Award)
  • Best Special Effects 2013 (Jury Award)

Entry fee:

The entry fee for this category is 18 Euro (PLEASE VISIT FOR AN EXACT CONVERSION INTO YOUR CURRENCY)